On a flying visit to Montreux in 1990, Freddie and I stayed at the Montreux Palace Hotel with Joe and Barbara Valentin. It was on that trip that Freddie wrote his song ‘Delilah,’ dedicated to his favourite cat. The shops were still open when the four of us were waking back from the studio at the end of the day. Freddie was now on the look-out for beautiful linen, mostly tablecloths. Displayed in one shop window was something so camp we all burst out laughing. It was a Minnie and Mickey Mouse night outfit with shirt, shorts and a Wee Willie Winkie bobble hat. Barbara went back to buy this night set as a present for Freddie, which she gave him back at the hotel.

Later, Joe and I turned in but Barbara and Freddie didn’t. They were in the mood to talk all night. I got up at seven in the morning and went into the sitting room where Freddie and Barbara were still wide awake and going strong. He looked a sight. He was wearing his new Minnie and Mickey outfit, including the Wee Willie Winkie hat.

Courtesy Jim Hutton

(Please let’s keep it positive)

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