Mike Moran’s home studio. (a version of the Platters’ 1955 hit)

David Wigg: Do you feel that you have been, that you’re, you said you feel you’re re-living your life, do you feel you’ve been the big pretender?

Freddie: Basically it’s, it’s what the song really says is a very sort of one to one basis about, that he’s pretending because she’s um, gone, but he’s still pretending that she’s still around, basically that’s (David: yes) but I thought that you could sort of take it a lot further in, just in the word ‘pretender’, (David: yes) so that, so that pretence, and for me, the way I’m doing this is that, you know it’s tongue-in-cheek and not to take everything too seriously, that all these sort of visuals and these sort of, these images that I’ve portrayed over the years, is a kind of pretence, because I mean there’s no way that I was real on stage, these, I, I wore costumes and I sort of put myself into different atmospheres and different characters, but underneath all that there is a real me which, you know, so, so I just thought why not, you know, I, I’ve been pretending all this time, you know, doing all this stuff, wearing my bananas on my head, you know, coming on peoples shoulders, wearing glitter, doing this, doing glam, wearing, you know, wearing, it was all, kind of thing, and it’s, it’s a kind of pretence, yes, whereas I mean, you know, underneath it I’m still, you know, a musician and so I thought I’d, I’d bring it up to the, in that level, where all these sort of costumes, where a lot of people took it so seriously, well I didn’t, you know, give a damn, I just thought my God, you know, and they read far too much into it, I just thought that this is a nice way of sort of um, covering this whole sort of era of mine, call it, and um, say that look, it, it’s just been a bit of fun, you know actors don’t, I know, they portray somebody, they don’t become those people, they go back and do something else, you know ♥️

Freddie’s version peaked at #4 on the UK charts

Picture is from the promotional photo shoot from ‘The Great Pretender’

The interview is from 1987 and recorded the week of Freddie’s 41st birthday in Ibiza

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