⁣Freddie during “Play The Game” music video, 1980.⠀
Play the Game” is a song written by Freddie Mercury. It is the first track on the first side of their 1980 album The Game. It also appears on their Greatest Hits album. The single was a hit in the UK, reaching #14 in the charts, and in the US it peaked at #42. ⠀

The cover of the single, as well as its promotional video directed by Brian Grant, marked the first time Freddke appeared in either format with what later became his trademark moustache. Brian May did not use his trademark Red Special guitar, instead using a Fender Stratocaster replica made by Satellite. This was likely due to the risk of damage involved in the shot in which Freddie snatches the guitar from Brian, then appears to throw it back to him which was played back in reverse so that it would be easier for May to play the solo after “catching” the guitar in the video. A shot of the band in the unedited blue screen set for the video was later used for the cover of the “Another One Bites the Dust” single release.⠀

Billboard Magazine considered “Play the Game” to be a return to Queen’s traditional “epic, rather grand sound” after deviating from that sound with the rockabilly of their prior single “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”
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