“Radio Ga Ga” behind the scene photos, 1984.

“Radio Ga Ga” music video was filmed at Shepperton Studios, England on the 23th and 24th of November in 1983.

The first day of shooting was dedicated only to record shots from the group, but for the second day about a hundred Queen fans were invited to use them as crows. It was a day that no one that was there will forget.

“I don’t know if it’s known that, at first, Roger said ‘Radio Ca Ca’ and that this is exactly what Freddie sings on the album. Felix, Roger’s little son, knew what ‘ca ca’ meant. He inspired Roger and then we made this fantastic video, which helped a lot with the popularity of the song. We worked a lot with director David Mallet, a guy with a lot of talent and very innovative with whom I maintain a long friendship.” — Brian May.

These behind the scene photos are such a treasure in my opinion. The quality may not be great but I still love them. The last two pictures give me goosebumps… look at how many Queen fans are there adoring them! So lucky! And I also love that picture of Brian getting a coin (as a guitar pick) from a fan .

© Photos scanned by me from “QUEEN in 3-D” book by Brian May. Info is also taken from that book.

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