Freddie Mercury: “Good Question, I was thinking about that when I was having a pee the other day, because I thought you might ask (laughter). I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved. I have enough money, I have success, adulation, you know, what do you want? I have all that and then I look by and say: ‘Well done dear, good luck to you, you did it yourself’…. Now I’ve come to a phase in my life where I still want to keep achieving the kind of success that I have but I have the time and the capacity to actually venture into areas which I would I never dare before because it could be harmful to my career, there was this growth process inside of me and my beliefs but I didn’t want anything to hamper it by doing something different. Now I want to try it all, walk a tightrope, you know, live a knife edge, and do things where I can fall completely flat on my face yet nobody can take away what I’ve already achieved, I feel that there is an acceptance towards my works. I want to do things, I don’t want to end my life just being Rock n Roll star”. ♥️

Freddie Mercury Ibiza interview 1987
Recorded the week of Freddie’s 41st birthday

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