Wayne Sleep has revealed that Freddie Mercury tried to convince him to come out as gay during his younger years. 

The 69-year-old retired ballet dancer – who did not reveal his sexuality until he was in his 40s – admitted that he ignored the Queen frontman’s advice, but was full of praise for the late singer.

I waited until she passed because people like my friends – I had a friend called David Hockney, he was a painter, and Freddie Mercury and that – they were going: “Come on, come out, come out!” I was in my 40s when I came out.” — Wayne Sleep.

He was amazing, he was so generous. He loved the ballet and the opera so he’d come to the opera house to see us dance and then I became friends with him. He died of AIDS when he was 45/46 – I can’t remember. It happened so suddenly. We were all shocked. They were dropping like flies. We didn’t know what it was so you didn’t know why people were dying. They thought it was just a gay disease so they didn’t bother to act on it until heterosexuals started getting it.” — Wayne Sleep about Freddie and AIDs.

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