Queen Live November 15, 1975, The band performed their second Sold-Out evening at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, England
‘A Night At The Opera’ Tour

The band are in fine form at this early tour show.

Freddie greets the enthusiastic audience after Ogre Battle. “Good evening, everybody! It’s really nice to see you here. Sorry we kept you waiting. We’d like to do a brand new song for you from our very brand new album [which they haven’t heard yet].” Freddie’s voice is in great shape, and he offers a strong and convincing version of Sweet Lady. The band haven’t got the arrangement of the song perfected just yet, as Roger Taylor leaves more space than necessary between the second chorus and the bridge.

Freddie, after Flick Of The Wrist: “We’d like to do a medley right now. This is a slightly different medley from last time; we’ve got something new for you. We’ll start off with a segment from a little number called Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“How many of you were here yesterday? So you know the show, right? We’ll do something different. At this point we’d like to feature Brian on guitar. This one’s called Son And Daughter.” Freddie’s comment implies either that Son And Daughter wasn’t performed last night, or they had slotted it in a different place in the set.

After Son And Daughter, Freddie asks, “Are you being nice and naughty? Have you been misbehaving yourselves? Good!” He taunts the enthusiastic audience by holding up a copy of the new LP that hasn’t been released yet. “Oh, that’s right, it’s called A Night At The Opera. Turn to side two. You you haven’t got it yet, but I’m sure you’ll buy it. This is a number written by Brian May. It’s called The Prophet’s Song.” There seems to be a technical issue with the delay during the middle section, so Freddie keeps his vocal solo to a minimum.

It’s interesting to see Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll back in the set proper (part of a four song mini-set from the debut album), as it had been used as an encore on the Sheer Heart Attack tour. However, there is some confusion over the setlist, as John Deacon plays the bass line from Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll as the band begin Stone Cold Crazy. It is a cacophony of sound, and Deacon suddenly stops playing as Mercury begins to sing the first verse.

Brian plays a ripping solo in Liar, including the same bit he used to play in Great King Rat (in a different key, for any musicians who are keeping score). This closes off a four song mini-set from their debut album.

Roger spoke of Queen’s early shows in Liverpool in a 2013 interview. “I’ll always have an affection for Liverpool. I remember right back when we started Liverpool was one of the first places to really take Queen to its heart. We played the Empire and the Liverpool Stadium – where they used to hold the boxing – and while we would struggle with other crowds we quickly realised that Liverpool was different. We’d play and people would sing along. It was always the noisiest audience, and Freddie loved that. He loved a good crowd to bounce off.”

The beautiful picture was captured by Gillian Parry.

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