Queen Live !! November 16, 1978, The band performed the first of two evenings at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, USA “Jazz” Tour

Freddie, after the third song: “Straight away we’d like to do something from the… another song from the Jazz album. Have you got it yet? Have you got it in the record collection? You’d better!” He tries to continue, “This is a John Deacon composition.” The audience aren’t calming down, so he practically pleads, in typical fashion: “Let me speak, my darlings.” He is then able to introduce If You Can’t Beat Them.

After the song, Brian speaks to the audience, and it seems that things are being thrown on stage. “What is all this here? Is this Christmas or something? It’s pretty close. Okay, we have a rude little song for you now, which is something written by Freddie some time ago for the A Night At The Opera album.” With much enthusiasm, he shouts, “It’s called Death On Two Legs.” Freddie plays a piano intro that sounds a bit like Cold As Ice by Foreigner.

The instrumental section of Dreamers Ball has become a fuller ‘vocal brass’ section, as Roger now adds a kazoo to Brian’s trombone. After the song, Freddie seems to reveal how the band still aren’t completely comfortable playing it yet, as he asks the audience, “Do you like the acoustic songs we sing for you? I just hope so.” Brian does the band intro after Love Of My Life, as would eventually become the custom on the Jazz tour. After Roger and John each get their moment in the spotlight, Freddie says, “And Aretha Franklin on vocals.”

A fantastic and very daring version of Brighton Rock is played tonight. It is the first confirmed instance of Roger doing his tympani solo. Freddie, after the song: “This is our latest 45, a double A side. This is dedicated to all you guys with big bottoms, yeah. Nice big fat juicy bottoms. This song is called Fat Bottomed Girls.”

This is the first known performance where Freddie really went of his way to emphasize “I thank you all” during We Are The Champions, which would always result in a great cheer from the audience. From this point onward, Freddie would do this at virtually every show.

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