Freddie had special interest in a lot of aspects of the Japanese culture, he was most interested in art. He was really into Japanse craft and he used to buy a lot of articles to add to his collection everytime he traveled to Japan.
On a private trip to Japan he did with Jim Hutton, Freddie visited the Kurita Museum of ceramics in Tochigi Prefecture.

If you visit the Museum today, it has pictures of Freddie visiting the museum on the inside. It has become a spot for Japanese Queen Fans.

➡️ How much I love these pictures of Freddie, he had time for this fans most of the time. I also really enjoy visiting museums and admiring art, art gives me chills and I’m so happy I share this passion with Freddie . I also admire Freddie because he’s a piece of art, a masterpiece, isn’t he? .

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