Queen Live !! November 19, 1978, The band performed at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, USA Jazz” Tour

Freddie’s voice isn’t quite as strong as it was at the Garden shows.

Before If You Can’t Beat Them, he says, “We have a new album called Jazz. It’s been in the shelves the last couple days, so buy it!”

Brian has already started playing the acoustic guitar intro to Dreamers Ball, yet Freddie invites the audience to “Start up a beat and we’ll follow you.” This is a fine example of how the band always wanted the audience to feel like they were part of the show. After a lukewarm audience response to the song, Brian says, “It’s alright, Queen will be back in a minute.”

After a particularly nice version of Love Of My Life, Brian quips, “Freddie’s singing that in his bath tonight. I’m sure of that.”

There seems to be a problem with the lights after Brighton Rock, prompting Freddie to shout to Joe Trovato, the man in charge of lighting, “Come on, let’s have some f***ing lights!” He adds, “Your day is gonna be murder tomorrow.” He then starts to introduce Fat Bottomed Girls, but talks to the audience for a bit. “You want a request? What is it?” He lets them shout for a bit, and then he replies to someone. “Jesus? That’s from the first album. We’ve forgotten that. We wanna do something new!” So much for the all-request portion of the evening…

After the show tour manager Gerry Stickells sternly told Freddie off backstage for blasting the crew on stage, telling him to never do that again. He never did. 😉💛

The picture was taken by Frank Huhn.

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