“When I first saw Freddie I was shocked as he looked so big and strong on stage but in person, I found him very petite and delicate. I didn’t find him difficult to photograph, although I was surprised to see how shy he really was. He would never really pose as such. I was a huge Freddie Mercury fan, and so to see the master in action was just amazing!

He would clown around, or ignore me and just be ‘himself’. He might appear at the door wearing a crown and throw a few shapes, knowing I was there–but not specifically inviting me to take photographs. He always knew what he was doing, of course. I also noticed he had a temper but was extremely apologetic at the same time.

His magic was all down do the live performance. I think you have to be born with that kind of shiny star quality. Not being ‘straight,’ if you like, he almost didn’t have as much to prove up there as the rest of them. He’d go onstage and take the piss out of an audience, where others might have felt they wouldn’t risk it. He was just one of a kind!”

Denis “Doris” O’Regan – English Photographer
Freddie named Denis “Doris” as a sign of him joining the Mercury circle

This Iconic picture of Freddie was captured by renowned photographer Denis O’Regan July 1986 “Magic” Tour

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