November 23, 1990 – Queen began filming ‘Headlong’ promo video which was directed by DoRo (Torpedo Twins) at Metropolis Studios over the course of two days.

By this point, the band and those close to them knew that Freddie was on borrowed time, and that they would never again perform live as a four-piece. However, it was felt important to maintain the perception that they could still tour when they were ready to do so, and the performance footage filmed in Metropolis Recording Studios in London (where the band recorded much of Innuendo) is startlingly energetic considering the seriousness of Freddie’s condition. He may have looked slightly frailer than in previous years, but he was still darting around as he had always done.

The second day of filming was spent in the control room and relaxation suite in the studio, as the band played around for the camera. Again, Freddie seemed surprisingly energetic, and was certainly enjoying the experience, perhaps knowing all too well that it would never happen again, as his final two video shoots were intensely grueling for him physically.

Brian May said in an interview in 2011, “There was a lot of joy, strangely enough, Freddie was in pain . . . but inside the studio there was a sort of blanket around, and he could be happy and enjoy what he liked doing best. . . . Sometimes it would only last a couple of hours a day because he would get very tired. But during that couple of hours, boy, would he give a lot.

Producer Dave Richards said, “He was dying when he did those songs, and he knew he would be dead when they were finished because he said to me, ‘I’m going to sing it now because I can’t wait for them to do music on this. Give me a drum machine and they’ll finish it off.’”

Here’s the video clip

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