A lot of people are creative, in their own way. It doesn’t have to be just in music. That is part of talent as well. I’ve always maintained that; that you can’t just sit at home and say, “Look, I’m so, wonderful, I’m so creative, I’ll just wait.” No! You’ve got to go out there and actually grab it, and utilise it, and make it work. That is part of the talent. Having talent is one thing, but to actually use it and feed it to the masses, is another part of it. It goes hand in hand. It’s called Hard Sell. You’ve really got to sell your arse. You’ve got to go in there and ram it down their throats and say, “Here I am! I’m creative! I’m wonderful! Here…EAT IT”. You have to do that. If there are other ways of doing it, then my God, you tell me.

Freddie Mercury

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