January 6, 1985, Queen flew to Brazil for the Rock In Rio Festival as the headline act (during ‘Works’ Tour). Freddie was held over in Munich due to bad weather. Rock in Rio 85, is the biggest music festival in history to date!

The Copacabana Palace Hotel acted as headquarters for this visit. Because we were in Rio for so long, Freddie did manage to get out on three or four occasions but it was one of those situations where, when Freddie left the hotel, at least one other car had to accompany him with onboard security. It became such a farce, his attempts to get in and out of nightclubs, that he eventually gave up. He had many all-night parties in his suite. Yes

There was a massive party organized by EMI given and Freddie refused to attend. “There were many occasions where Freddie hated ‘being on show’ and these sort of industry parties were just such events. Freddie would have been the first to have shown up at a band-organized party but as this was just another excuse for the record company to show off their wares, the band would have to be available to be poked and prodded by the record company’s unpredictable guest list – all the people who had been promised favors by record company executives. Had this been a purely professional affair, Freddie would have displayed no such disregard. Having never been one himself, Freddie consistently expressed his disdain of these whom he regarded as ligers, a human sub-species which contained two categories – the Professional and the Business ligers. The former he didn’t object to as these were mostly his peers the latter came under the umbrella appellation of ‘Record Company’ and as such to be reviled. Freddie was there to perform for the crowds who had paid”

Peter Freestone

Picture snapped by Richard Young

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