I am one of the lucky people whom Freddie allowed to get close to him and no amount of money could explain the feelings that any of the people close to him felt. It’s hard to explain feelings . Intense loyalty mixed with love, admiration…I would have done anything he could have asked of me, but he never asked. He never expected. Anybody involved with him was held as if by a magnet, the magnetism of his personality, his spirit….. Him.

I think I can speak for all his friends and say that every single one of us took great pride in knowing him. There was no expectation on his behalf when he lavished friends with gifts he bought. Because their friendship flowed back to him anyway, that was his dividend and the dividend always came. Friendship and loyalty meant more to him than anything money could buy and he was always the first to be loyal.

Peter Freestone

freddie mercury online - THEME & DESIGN BY lannie d.
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