Freddie was usually the peace-maker of the band. At work, he was the one who tried to get them back together after an argument. He rarely lost it but one time he did, with Brian. It happened in Munich, when Brian was being very particular about his guitars and the stereo sound. It was something about not being loud enough, which was mainly the cause of most arguments between them. Brian was never happy about how loud his guitar sounded and Freddie on this ocassion reached a point where he couldn’t take Brian’s fussiness anymore and exploded. Nobody knows where he got the inspiration from but he said: ‘What the fucking hell do you want, hey? A herd of wildebeest charging from one side to the other?’, and with that he walked out. Collecting Freddie’s sayings became a habit in the household and we would write them down, an example on my page being this, when he talked about X person: ‘…the diva of rock’n’roll with a mouth to gobble the Volga!’.

Peter Freestone

Picture by Nigel Wright

freddie mercury online - THEME & DESIGN BY lannie d.
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