During one of the visits to the Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, Tony Pike persuaded Freddie to get out in his speedboat, which he proudly boasted of being the fastest on the island. Someone could argue with me but I don’t think freddie could swim. Therefore he still seemed a little uncomfortable in the water.

As the boat was firmly anchored off Formenterra, and we all plunged into the crystal clear sea, Freddie stayed firmly on board.

The day was finally ruined when Tony Pike finally presented Freddie with an invoice for the excursion that Fred had never expected the way he had been invited. He thought Tony was just nice.

Whenever a friend of his considered a stay at pike’s he would say “lovely my dear, beautiful place but be careful if he asks you to go out on that damn boat!”

Peter Freestone

The picture is from Ibiza and Tony Pike’s boat

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