‘The principal had noticed Freddie’s musical talents and wrote us to suggest he should have extra classes. I denied him bringing a piano at home so he would concentrate on studying. He was a bit devastated. Out of home I know he took full advantage of a piano when he was able to play one, and showed a natural talent for it. Right from the start, Freddie was musical. He had it on his mind all the time, he could play any tune. He could hear something and play it straight away. He would write songs from an early age. I kept on saying, as all mothers do, ‘carry on with your studies and clean up your bedroom’, because when I went into his bedroom he always had papers under his pillow which were songs he wrote. He would say please don’t throw any papers away. When he started to be known, he tried learning to drive but left it after some minutes, telling us not to worry, because ‘one day I will have a chauffeur to drive me everywhere’. I thought that my boy certainly had a dream’.

Jer Bulsara

freddie mercury online - THEME & DESIGN BY lannie d.
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