A matter of discipline……

‘You can never say that life with me is boring. Excess is a part of my nature and I really need danger and excitement. I’m never scared of putting myself out on a limb. I was not made for just sitting and watch television. I love to surround myself with strange and interesting people because they make me feel more alive. I certainly don’t go looking for the most perfect people because I’d find that boring. Some see me and say: ‘Oh, it’s Freddie Mercury, he won’t talk to me’. I actually pay attention to make people realise that I am normal. You’ve got money and success but you’re still going to be one of the lads. You have to stop and say: ‘I’m a star, you respect me, but I can still have a cup of tea and a boogie with you’. It’s just a matter of discipline’.

Freddie Mercury

New Picture: Freddie, Jim Cruz, Jim Ealey and Lee Nolan from book ‘Don’t Stop Me Now! In New York

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