Freddie Mercury: Ah, you want me to put a deadline on it now! I don’t know. Five years ago you could have asked me the same question and I couldn’t tell you. It could all end tomorrow. I’m not afraid of it. It’s a precarious life but I think I like it that way. I like it a little risky. Okay, so I’m quite well off but money in the bank doesn’t mean anything to me. I spend it as quickly as it comes. I could be penniless tomorrow, but I wouldn’t care that much. I have this survival instinct in me.

Interviewer: Would you go back to begin again, join or form a band, if Queen ended?

Freddie Mercury: I don’t know. I don’t get up every morning and ask myself what I’ll do if Queen decides to end. I’ll take it when it comes. I don’t think we’ve reached our peak. Within Queen there’s still a lot left to be done. Look at this new territory we have just opened up in South America. I couldn’t have predicted a year ago that this was going to happen. I like very much playing in new territories.

Melody Maker
May 1981

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