‘I’m always thinking about the new songs I’m writing. I can’t stop writing. I have a lot of ideas bursting to get out, it comes instinctively. I like to write nice little catchy tunes. It seems it’s just something that I have to keep doing, but I do enjoy it, too. It’s so rewarding in the end that you just want to keep doing it and explore different aspects of it and see how they turn out. Lyrics, on the other hand, they’re more difficult, quite a task. My strongest point is melody content and sometimes I feel that my melodies are so much stronger than my lyrics, that the lyrics may bring them down. I wish somebody else could write the words for me, I wish I had a Bernie Taupin (laughs). No, mind you, I’m not like that, I like to do it all myself. I’m a greedy bitch!’

Freddie Mercury

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