A diamond the size of an egg…

When Freddie bought Garden Lodge, his last home, one of my jobs was to go down Cartier’s and buy the “Goodbye” presents that Freddie gave to anyone leaving his previous employment or life in that house before he moved in. On such occasion Freddie wanted to come with me, and after purchasing a watch, Freddie said: “Gemma, you always do this with no fuss, is there anything you’d like too? Sort of, as a thank you?” I said: “Hmmm, well, how about THAT?” pointing to a diamond in a showcase. Freddie’s chin hit the floor, and his eyes went out on stalks. In his words: “Seriously, this thing was the size of a f*cking egg, dear!” You should have seen Freddie’s face! I didn’t want it of course, I just wanted to see his reaction.

Peter Jones (Freddie called ‘Gemma’)

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