Fame has changed me, but it’s happened in two stages. I would be a fool to ignore the fact that it changed me in terms of being snobbish and arrogant in the early days. With our early success, I thought I was the bee’s knees, but then I came to realise that success can be handled in a different way; that I should pay more attention to making people realise I’m normal. Success did change me, and now it’s changed me again – I hope for the better. I can live without fame quite easily. My lifestyle doesn’t suddenly stop because fame might end. If all my money ended tomorrow I would still be the same person. I’d still go about the same way, like I had lots of money, because that’s what I used to do before. With or without wealth, I seem to do it.
That’s the only way to do it. I like living life to the full. That’s my nature, and I’m just not going to conform or listen to people about how I should react. I do what I want to do!

Freddie Mercury