7 March 1975, Queen performed at The Uptown Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The band perform this SOLD-OUT show aggressively, and Freddie is in great voice.

“Thank you and good evening Milwaukee!” says the Queen frontman after the first song. “It’s nice to be here in Milwaukee. It really is. So now, are you ready for some rock and roll, Queen style? This is a little number called Ogre Battle.”

“We’d like to do for you right now something, another number from Queen II, right? You’d like that? This was written by Brian May. This is among white side of the album. This is Father To Son.”

“Right now I’d like to make a toast to Milwaukee. This goes to everybody who’s come here tonight. Thank you very much for being here. This is a delicate little number you can really listen to. It’s a number called White Queen”

Brian May offers a bit of a personal touch: “One of the greatest pleasures I’ve had in recent times was sitting in QFM’s starship [the Milwaukee rock radio station at the time]. You know about that?” They certainly do. “We got to meet some of you. It was great. Had a good time. So it’s nice to see you after all this time. This is something a bit heavier. It’s on the B-side of our single. It’s called Flick Of The Wrist.”

After the medley, Freddie says, “It’s about time we did something from our first album, right? This is a little number called Son And Daughter.”

“The time has come, usually during the act where we do a number to surprise you all. Everybody reckons we’re gonna leave it out. This is the entire version of a little number called Liar.” He’s referring to the single release of the six and half minute track that was released on a 45 as a three-minute edit. They play an excellent version of the song, nearing ten minutes in length. The audience are very appreciative. Brian says, “Thanks a lot. You’ve been kind; you’ve been beautiful. I’m not kidding.”

Freddie now sings both verses of In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited in the lower octave. He would gradually move away from singing in falsetto live, although it would become a major part of the act during improvisations in the mid 80s.

The amazing pictures were taken by Rich Zimmermann

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