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He was six when I was born, so I only had a year of him,

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‘He was six when I was born, so I only had a year of him, yet I was always aware of my proud older brother protecting me.’ says Kashmira. ‘He didn’t always come home for the holidays – sometimes he’d stay with my dad’s sister in Bombay, or with my mum’s sister, and it was she who got him started on playing the piano and drawing. He was talented in all areas. It made me feel sick, of course. Even now, Mum and Dad have got all his school reports.’

It was also at St Peter’s that Farrokh was nicknamed Freddie and started his first band, the Hectics, named after his piano-playing style. ‘The Hectics were the first real musical thing he got involved in,’ says Kashmira, ‘and they all jammed together, with Freddie on the piano. He was very popular and was really into drama. One of my favourite pictures is of him sitting on a bench in sunglasses and looking cool. It was the beginning of his real stardom look.’

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