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Freddie Mercury’s hair almost catches on fire while shooting“ I Was Born To Love video…..

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Freddie Mercury’s hair almost catches on fire while shooting his “I Was Born To Love You” solo music video…..

“I remember Freddie in front of the mirrors, I wanted to give him a halo. To give someone with black hair a halo is quite difficult. And we put this sodding great light above his head and after about half an hour, his hair started smoking literally. Literally smoking!

And I remember shouting, ‘Fred, get the hell out of there before you catch fire !’”

Mallet also revealed that the wobbly mirrors were totally by chance.

He says, “Freddie dancing and singing in front of all those mirrors in Born To Love You was actually a lucky accident.”

Mallet continued: “In that, the playback speaker was put right near one of the mirrors.
“And it’s the bass of it that started to rattle the mirror and I remember looking through the camera and I thought, ‘God that looks good!’

“So we ended up with a runner boy behind each mirror, kicking it in time with the beat.

“And thankfully we didn’t break any of the mirrors, but it worked.”

Director David Mallet Interview with George Simpson
Choreographer Arlene Phillips

“I Was Born To Love You” a lead single from
Freddie Mercury’s first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy”
It was filmed at the now demolished Limehouse Studios, London in April 1985

Picture by Simon Fowler

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