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Freddie Mercury and Sir Cliff Richard in 1986.

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Freddie Mercury and Sir Cliff Richard in 1986.

“I got to sing with Freddie Mercury, how many people can say that!?…. Barcelona was such a brave and ingenious project, just terrific and again, it was Freddie Mercury who dares to do it. It was the most unlikely project for a rock star to tackle and it was always going to have a stunt factor, but it was a lot bigger achievement than just that, just brilliant. Our industry is so small-minded, they should be supportive when someone makes a move in a new direction.”

Cliff Richard.

Freddie’s old college mates claimed they together would listen to Cliff Richard among others, and when Freddie became a known person, both musicians got to know each other.”

Freddie and Cliff Richard worked together when Dave Clark asked Freddie to join the ‘Time’ musical with Richard, being the last time Freddie would ever sing live in front of an audience.

Apparently, Cliff being a star for such a long time, was not happy that Freddie Mercury was getting the first choice in the tracks of the musical arrangements but when he heard Freddie’s version of ‘In My Defence’, his jaw dropped to the floor and the whole song had to be changed for Cliff to be able to sing it as it was far too high for him. After this, he never stopped praising Freddie, being one of the few people able to visit him on his last months of life.

The beautiful picture was taken by Dave Hogan at the after-party for Dave Clark’s ‘Time’ The Musical on 9 April 1986

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