22 April 1989 – Queen filmed, ‘I Want It All’ video for The Miracle @ Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, UK. The filming took David Mallet 12 hours.

Queen returned after a two and a half year sabbatical with a new album, ‘The Miracle’ and a new single, ‘I Want It All,’ in early 1989.

The video was designed to maintain that Queen were still a functioning unit as well as a functioning live band, which by this time, was sadly not the case. To this end, David Mallet concocted a basic performance video complete with sixteen Super Trouper spotlights and twelve Dino light stands which were fifty foot high and usually used to light football stadiums. It was shot in Cinemascope and in a mixture of colour and monochrome.

Freddie squeezed every ounce of energy he had for the performance. The video also features Mercury’s first public appearance with a beard after shaving off his trademark moustache during the video shoot for “The Great Pretender” in February 1987. (He did shave off his mustache once before in 1984 for “I Want To Break Free)

“I Want It All” was a sizable hit, reaching #3 in the UK and #1 in several other territories.

“Freddie could have easily given up and disappeared somewhere …. but he did not do that. This is another example of how brave this man was. He was out working until he could actually work no more.”

Mike Moran – Pianist, Producer and Writer

This beautiful picture of Freddie as he’s getting ready to film the amazing video was taken by Richard Young

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