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Freddie Mercury and Anita Dobson

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“I met Freddie first, and we became great friends,” she remembers.

“I was invited to see Queen at Wembley – I think it was the last tour they did and then afterwards they had a huge party which I was invited to – it was all thanks to EastEnders.

“One minute I was just a kid from Stepney the next I was on the guestlist for the best party in town.

“Fred was an EastEnders fan and was just lovely – he grabbed me straight away and said come and meet my boyfriend, which I did, and they invited me to the house.

“He was the most wonderful, vibrant man and he would have loved Strictly. He would have been at the studio to watch, and then knowing him he’d insist on everybody coming back to his house for a party after the show.

“I still miss him all the time, and Brian feels the same. You learn to accept losing someone, but you never get over it. For Brian it was like losing a brother, they were together for many years right up until Freddie’s death.”

Source: Anita Dobson Reveals All About Strictly Come Dancing, Brian May and Freddie Mercury
Tom Bryant – 2011

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