March/April 1984 – Queen Story!
London, UK – Freddie Mercury (without his mustache) with Jim Jenkins backstage during Promo Video “I Want To Break Free”

🔸Interviewer: You and Freddie once had differing opinions on one particular song didn’t you…

Jim Jenkins: “Oh dear, I really put my foot in it one day. We were at a video shoot for “I Want To Break Free” and Fred was in such a great mood and was really friendly to us that day – there were only six of us helping out with the filming. Fred had his moustache shaved off and I was having make-up taken off my face which was put on us for the filming and I was sitting next to Fred. I remember him saying “I’ve lost all my strength” when he got up off the chair and I said “We’ve got our old Fred back. You might start writing some decent songs again”.

Now I didn’t mean it to come across as negative or me being nasty I just thought ‘Old Fred – old style of writing songs’. He retorted “I always write decent songs” to which i replied “No you don’t, you wrote Play The Game didn’t you?”. Oops. I could tell by his face I had said the wrong thing and friends I was with said I shouldn’t have said that. Oh well too late this big Liverpudlian mouth had said it.

Freddie just walked off and didn’t say a thing. Later in the day he was fine with me and thanked us for traveling down from Liverpool to help him out with the filming. I never thought anything else of this until the year after we lost him when Peter Freestone mentioned this incident to me. Freddie was mad at me for saying what I did (the song is special to him) but said he admired me telling him the truth! Phew!”

👉 Jim Jenkins and Jacky Gunn (now Smith), head of the Queen Fan Club, co-authored Queen’s official biography ‘As it Began’ (book published in 1992)

👉 👉 Full Interview

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