Freddie Mercury: “This last couple of weeks I have been working with this amazing woman, she’s an opera big operatic star, her name is Montserrat Caballé, she comes from Barcelona, and she just called up, a few weeks ago, and said she’d like to sing with me, so of course I fell flat on the floor, you know, I felt my God, but I’ve loved her, you know, for years, and I think it worked when I went to um, Barcelona, um, recently, so, I did a TV show, and they, they asked me, you know, and I said, well you know, she’s the best singer in the world, and I’d, you know I’d love to be able to sing with her, so she, she must have read, well she must have seen it, and so she called up the office and said she’d like to do things.
So, um, well last night, I mean, she sang one of my songs at, at the Royal Opera House, so it’s amazing, I mean now I’m going into opera, you know, forget rock ‘n’ roll”

Rudi Dolezal: Is this a new experience, an exciting experience?

Freddie Mercury: “Absolutely, it’s such a challenge actually. It’s, um, it’s gonna be great, because, I’ve never, sort of, thought of writing songs in that way, now she said she wants to do duets with me, I have to sort of think in a totally different way, and actually, I’m sure the opera critics will, you know, slam it and everything but I mean this is something that, it’s, it’s a good challenge at this time in life, you know”

Rudi Dolezal: Is it, is it true that you are planning to do a whole album with her?

Freddie Mercury: “Yes, well you see, I, I, I went and saw her, um, a week ago, and I just thought maybe one song, or a duet and that’s it, and she said, um, she said things like, only one song, are you sure? Um, you only want to do one song?’ and I said ‘well let’s see how we get on, you know, if you like more of my music’ and she said ‘how many songs does a normal rock ‘n’ roll album have?’ and I said ‘something like ten’, ‘oh, we’ll do ten songs then’. So, um, you know, so she just said ‘yes, write ten songs’ like tomorrow”

  • Freddie Mercury
    Extract interview recorded in 1987, the last filmed interview with Freddie.
    Promotion for ‘The Great Pretender’ and in-depth study of the collaboration with Montserrat Caballé (1933-2018) – Interviewed by Rudi Dolezal

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