1 May 1982, Queen performed @ Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany Hot Space European Tour”

Many British soldiers were stationed in Dortmund at the time, and many fans who attended the show recall them arriving at the show already inebriated. A few songs in they got a bit violent, urging Freddie to have to pause the show to stop a fight. “Hey, stop it! No fighting here! You’ve come here to listen to some music right? So listen to the music; no fighting!” He then grabs his cup and throws some water on the perpetrators, and leads everyone through one of his usual vocal exchanges to bring the mood back to where it should be. “Ok, now where were we? We were singing, ok?!”

Freddie does plenty of creative vocal improvs throughout the show, and Roger even joins in with him after ‘Under Pressure.’ But a fan recalls that Freddie was not in great spirits overall, likely due to the fight.

The pictures are from this particular tour and the third pic is credited to Dave Matkin 🌹