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Jun 21
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29 April 1985, Freddie Mercury’s first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy” is released

He appears at an official press conference in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺 Later in the evening, he takes the stage with Queen for their final night on their Australian tour for The Works

Here’s an interview Freddie did for the CBS Internal Conference from 1985 regarding Mr. Bad Guy…

Is this album an ‘ego trip’ for you?

Freddie: You can call it what you like, I just wanted to do it ‘my way’.

How much of it is ‘personal’ material?

Freddie: Well, in the end, what comes out is me. Tne torture, pain, frivolity, tongue in cheek!

What is your attitude to life?

Freddie: Basically, just having a good time.

80,000,000 Queen albums sold worldwide – what makes you want to go on?

Freddie: I can’t cook and I’m not a housewife! It’s just in my blood, a nervous energy that I have. It’s still my work, and there’s a lot of challenges still to come.

Is this solo album like starting a new career?

Freddie: No – it’s just a bit on the side.

What did you do on the album apart from singing?

Freddie: I played piano and synths.

Why didn’t you use very well known musicians on the album?

Freddie: I used the best of the session guys, because a whole bunch of musicians doesn’t make a good song.

Do you write songs with specific meanings?

Freddie: No, not always. A song can mean anything. But I’m a true romantic and a very loving person, and I think that comes out in my songs.

You give the impression that you’re formidable on stage – are you?

Freddie: Oh I am. But it’s my job. I just enjoy myself. My character is built up from all sorts of ingredients.

Do big crowds intimidate you?

Freddie: No – the bigger the better, the more the merrier. I think everyone in this game wants to play to the biggest audiences possible all the time.

Does criticism ever hurt you?

Freddie: Yes, to a certain extent. Of course I;d love everyone to think I’m wonderful, but I don’t mind constructive criticism and advice. But in the end I make up my own mind.

Will there come a time when you will want to settle down?

Freddie: Yes, but no-one will put up with me. Seriously, I don’t know what the future holds.

You will be working with Queen again?

Freddie: Oh, definitely, otherwise I’d be a car mechanic!

How did you start your career?

Freddie: I was in the school choir, and then I disciovered I could write and sing my own songs – I never thought then that I’d make a career out of it. What I’m doing now is what interests me. As long as people go on buying my records I’ll go on. The hardest thing is to maintain that level of success when you achieve it.

How do you begin to write a song?

Freddie: The structure and the melody are easy for me, but the lyrics are very hard, I’m not a poet. I just like to write catchy tunes.

What has been the highlight of your career with Queen?

Freddie: Well, what’s been quite dumbfounding is that we’ve stayed together all these years. We started in the true rock and roll sense, like Led Zeppelin. But the others have always broken up or changed personnel. We are about the only four ‘Grand-dames’ that have actually stuck together. We all have our ego problems, but we’ve never let it get too much. I think my solo project will bring Queen even closer together – long long may she reign!!

Will you include your solo songs on tour?

Freddie: We haven’t discussed it, but I don’t think so. It’s something I want to do myself, I don’t want to burden them with it.

But what happens if these songs become hits?

Freddie: Good question – it will depend on band policy, as I said we haven’t talked about it yet. But the band won’t want to become backing musicians for me!

Do you deliberately go out to be controversial?

Freddie: No, not at all. But what a lot of people find outrageous is quite normal for me!

Who do you turn to with your problems?

Freddie: Well, I have a lot of mirrors and the skin of a rhino! Mary is the only one I can really turn to. ‘Friends’ come and go, there aren’t many ‘true’ friends. Mary’s gone through it all and she can adjust to me. Otherwise I attend to myself. ♥️🌹

The gorgeous pictures are from his press conference from Australia

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