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Jun 21
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This Freddie Mercury penned ballad is beautiful and the piano work is exceptional. It’s not your typical Queen song but a piece you could envisage on a Freddie solo album. It works very well. Freddie’s vocals are sublime as usual. Very nice indeed.

The ballad arrangement is enhanced by Brian May’s Hallfredh acoustic guitar and sitar-effect that was accomplished by placing piano wire under the frets to create a buzzing drone. This effect had already been used on “White Queen (As It Began)”, from Queen II.

“Jealousy” was released as a single only in five countries: US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and USSR, but failed to chart anywhere. This track was the first and last single of the band in the USSR.

The B-Side is Queen’s very first dance/funk-song, “Fun It.” A catchy song written by Roger Taylor, sending the message to party. There’s a strong presence on the drums. Everything’s very tight and Roger does some difficult fills’n’breaks. The basic drum-kit only consists of bass-drum, snare, hi-hat and some toms.

Everything was very close-miced and the toms were muted to kill any pitch or reverb and make it as percussive as possible. The sounds were treated with EQ to make everything as bright as possible. The hi-hat is panned right. There is an overdubbed Pollard syn-drum which appears from time to time, as well as a whistle. There is a definite boogieing bass line as well.

Roger shares the vocals with Freddie on this particular track.

“Jealousy” 👇

“Fun It” 👇

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