Interviewer: Is this album an ‘ego trip’ for you?

Freddie Mercury: “You can call it what you like, I just wanted to do it ‘my way’”

Interviewer: How much of it is ‘personal’ material?

Freddie Mercury: “Well, in the end, what comes out is me. Tne torture, pain, frivolity, tongue in cheek!”

Interviewer: What is your attitude to life?

Freddie Mercury: “Basically, just having a good time”

Interviewer: 80,000,000 Queen albums sold worldwide – what makes you want to go on?

Freddie Mercury: “I can’t cook and I’m not a housewife! It’s just in my blood, a nervous energy that I have. It’s still my work, and there’s a lot of challenges still to come”

Interviewer: Is this solo album like starting a new career?

Freddie Mercury: “No – it’s just a bit on the side”

Interviewer: What did you do on the album apart from singing?

Freddie Mercury: “I played piano and synths”

Interviewer: Why didn’t you use very well known musicians on the album?

Freddie Mercury: “I used the best of the session guys, because a whole bunch of musicians doesn’t make a good song”

Interviewer: Do you write songs with specific meanings?

Freddie Mercury: “No, not always. A song can mean anything. But I’m a true romantic and a very loving person, and I think that comes out in my songs”

  • Freddie Mercury
    Extract Interview 1985, CBS Internal Conference

👉 April 29, 1985
Freddie Mercury released ‘Mr. Bad Guy’, first solo album in the UK/Europe
Reached number 6, on chart for 23 weeks, achieved Gold status.

📷 April 1985, Sydney, Australia
Official Press Conference –
‘Mr. Bad Guy” is Freddie Mercury
(during ‘Works!’ Tour)

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