, on May 6th, 1986
Freddie Mercury released ‘Time’ single, UK
Featured on the Album of the Musical ‘Time’
From the Musical “Time”

🔸”Freddie originally wanted to use the boys from Queen on the recording,” recalls Clark, “but I wanted to do something different and I said, ‘Freddie, I would love to bring my guys in and if it doesn’t work, don’t worry I’ll pay for it and we’ll do it again.’ Mike had never met Freddie but it all clicked and years later he wrote the album Barcelona with him, which was the greatest compliment I could get about how good Mike and the other musicians were.”

Clark, who first met Mercury in 1976 when Queen played at London’s Hyde Park, said that the singer asked, “How do you want me to perform this?” just before shooting started at the Dominion.

‘Time’, which mixed science fiction with rock music and futuristic special effects, including footage of Laurence Olivier, ran for two years at London’s Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road. The lyrics for the title song include the verse, “We’ve got to build this world together/Or we’ll have no more future at all/Because time/It waits for nobody.”

  • ‘Time’ written by Dave Clark, Christie

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📸 May 1986 – Freddie Mercury on the set of promotional video ‘Time’
Featured on the Album of the Musical ‘Time’
Director Do.Ro.; Filming Location Dominion Theatre, London, UK
‘Time’ written by Dave Clark, Christie

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