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“I was there at that very concert !!! It was late afternoon

27/07/2021   freddiemercuryonline   0

Thanks to Gary Smith for sharing these beautiful memories with us ☺

“I was there at that very concert !!! It was late afternoon when I remember being outside hearing their sound check and they played White Queen!!!
Although in the end they sadly did not play it that night (( A precious moment indeed though )) then after the phenomenal show having waited at the exit gates for around an hour, out came one of the greatest sights i have ever seen and will never forget!!!
When Freddie, Brian, Roger and John left the venue in their own Rolls Royce each !!!! That’s four Rolls Royce’s in convoy!!! Wooow!!!!
It was so impressive!!!!
It was a vision i was totally blown away with and will never forget!!!! Roger was the only one who wound down his window to shake a few fans hands ))) well there was one of the best moments of my life i thought i would share with you …

Pic: Queen in concert at Wembley Arena, London, UK – Freddie Mercury performing on stage on his 38th birthday, September 5th, 1984, during ‘Works! Tour’

📷 Photo by Nigel Wright/Mirrorpix

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