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Mary Austin’s message to Freddie’s fans

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Mary Austin’s message to Freddie’s fans via the Official International Queen Fan Club (1992) 18 months after the world lost our beloved cherished icon…

“You know your loyalty to Freddie has been tremendous. With the terrible social stigma associated with AIDS you have shone on through.

You saw the man beyond the disease. You didn’t turn away. You loved him through it, despite it, like we all did.

Because of your continued loyalty to Freddie this also helps others affected by this terrible disease. Freddie would be tremendously proud of you guys and you know how he felt about you, he told you often enough.

He needs you just as much now as he ever did. Please continue. Thank you very much!”

On a personal note:

“I would also like to thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last 18 months. Because I can assure you it’s been a very, very lonely road for me 💔

Thank you all very much!”

Mary Austin
Extracted from the short 1 minute clip attached
👉 👈

Freddie left his imprint on the world and our hearts. He lives through his music and he left us an incredible legacy we treasure. We still love you Freddie ♥️ Legend

  1. In the arms of God 💥💥

  2. Mister Freddie is so handsome

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