14 May 1985, Freddie Mercury awarded Silver for Mr Bad Guy UK sales

Freddie’s first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy’ was on 29 April 1985, reached number 6, on chart for 23 weeks, achieved Gold status.

Later re-released as part of the 3CD and 10CD/2DVD ‘Solo’ boxed sets in November 2000.

The inside jacket sleeve reads:

Special thanks to Brian, Roger and John for not interfering

Special thanks to Mary Austin, Barbara Valentin for big tits and misconduct, Winnie for board and lodging

This album is dedicated to my cat Jerry – also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe – screw everybody else

The album was originally going to be titled ‘Made In Heaven’. He changed his mind only weeks before the album went to press.

“I’ve put my heart and soul into this album. It has some very moving ballads – things to do with sadness and pain, but at the same time they’re frivolous and tongue-in-cheek, because that’s my nature. I’ve wanted to do a solo album for a long time and the rest of the band have encouraged me to do it.”

“Basically, I was lost for a title, but as far as I’m concerned album titles are immaterial. I didn’t know what to call it, but I had what I thought was a very beautiful track called Made In Heaven, which seemed to conjure up an image of some kind. But to be honest, I’m not really worried about it. It’s what you listen to that matters, not what the title is. Don’t judge a book by its cover! – although, there is a beautiful photograph of me on this cover.” ♥️

Freddie Mercury

“The songs on Mr Bad Guy came very quickly, but of course this time it was all so different because there was no band. Freddie was very happy with the album. I think one of the things he wanted to do most, was the big orchestral thing, which he never really got to do with Queen. Freddie was actually very modest about his songs, but he knew when he’d written a good one. That’s what I call genius; he would sit down, write something, and it was so good, he didn’t even question it or analyse it. Often he would say, ‘What do you think of the lyrics?’, and I would reply, ‘Very good!’, and he would say, ‘Wait a minute’, and change a chord here and there, then a big smile would come over his face as he told me, ‘Now it’s better, isn’t it!’

Reinhold Mack
Record producer and Sound Engineer

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