19 May 1977, Queen performed @ Sporthalle in Basel, Switzerland 🇨🇭’A Day At The Races Tour’
This was the bands first tour in Switzerland

Here’s a fantastic fan story:

After having seen bands like the Stones, Ten Years After, Genesis or Yes the year before, it was finally the time for MY band, Queen. Weeks before the concert I couldn’t think of anything else – which was not very good for my school exams… The day of the concert, my brother, a friend an me took the train from Zurich to Basel – at 9 in the morning – I forced them to go early, because I wanted to be in the first row.

One hour later we arrived in Basel and went to the St. Jakobshalle to the main entrance. And we were not the earliest ones.. Two very nice british girls were as well waiting. Being 14 and only starting to learn english the communication with them was very „handmade“ but big fun. We waited about 8 hours in front of the door – by now the place was really packed with people. And then, the catastrophy; because of the pushing crowd the promoter opened not the main but a side door (from poleposition to last place…). I was getting histerical and fought my way through the masses – finally finding seats in the third row in the middle.

Queen entered the stage in full power and played a tipical A Day at the Races tour set; Freddies voice was very strong hitting almost all high notes, Brian’s guitar solo was simply superb (with an early copy of his red special) and the rock’n’roll encore seemed to be endless power. The most touching moment was You Take my Breath Away when Freddie seemed to be kissed by pure magic – I was having tears of happiness. Also In the Lap of the Gods revisited was a superb highlight. I got a few flowers that Freddie threw into the audience and kept them for years.

From that moment I knew that I will never miss a Queen concert in Switzerland. I then invited the two lovely ladies for a drink – and they said, they would follow the band through all of Europe – which showed me, there might be even bigger fans of MY band…

Author and photo by Luca Rascher

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