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Queen performed Eissporthalle in Kassel, Germany

18/08/2021   freddiemercuryonline   0

18 May 1982. Queen performed @ Eissporthalle in Kassel, Germany 🇩🇪 “Hot Space European Tour”

Queen try out ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ as the second number once again, as they did in Cologne.

Freddie has a bit of trouble with ‘Staying Power’ tonight, as it’s such a demanding song to sing. Afterward he says, “Yeah, there’s a bitch of a song to sing.” He plays a couple chords on the piano to begin ‘Somebody To Love,’ and adds, “This is another bitch.” But he gives a wonderful rendition of the Aretha-inspired classic.

Brian plays the decending half note arpeggios in his guitar solo similarly to what he did towards the end of the Live Killers version of ‘Brighton Rock,’ but with a slight added rhythmic twist.

The gorgeous picture is credited to Bookworm

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