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Interview with Melody Maker

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Interviewer: When Queen formed ten years ago, there seemed to be a grand strategy to become the biggest rock band, statistically, and to be the most extravagant in every way. Was there really a master plan which has resulted in your current status – did you approach it as businessmen rather than musicians?

Freddie Mercury: “No, It wasn’t quite as clinical as that, but it was certainly determined. We said okay, we’re going to take the plunge into rock and we’re really going to do a job at it, no half measures. We all had potentially good careers and we weren’t prepared to settle for second best if we were going to abandon all the qualifications we had got in other fields. We wanted the best; it wasn’t a question of wanting world domination, although I know it probably came across as capitalism.”

Interviewer: But lots of bands set out wanting to get to the top and don’t make it – what gave you the edge?

Freddie Mercury: “You have to have a kind of arrogance and lots of confidence and absolute determination, as well as all the other obvious skills like music. Arrogance is a very good thing to have when you’re starting, and that means saying to yourselves that you’re going to be the number one group, not the number two. Hope for the best, go for the top. We just had it inside us and – well, we all had a very big ego, as well”

  • Freddie Mercury
    05/02/1981 – Melody Maker

Pic: Freddie Mercury in 1980
📸 Photographer Neal Preston

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