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I don’t want people to say that they’ve seen me on the streets

28/08/2021   freddiemercuryonline   8

I don’t want people to say that they’ve seen me on the streets and I act the same way as when I’m on stage. No, no, no, they’ve got to see that a person can change. That’s the talent within. That’s what makes you something special. You can’t portray the same elements that you do on stage, at home in your kitchen, in your household. You have to become a different person so that you can build up to that stage persona, so that it becomes special. Otherwise it would make no difference you coming out of your house and going on stage. Gone are the days when I feel I have to portray that Freddie Mercury image when I’m off stage because of other people’s expectations. I found out that you can become a very lonely person if you have to do that, so I’m not afraid to come off stage and actually be myself, which can be very boring and mundane for some people. I’m a jeans and T-shirt man around the house. I don’t even use aerosols now. My armpits are my own!!

Freddie Mercury

  1. That’s amazing!!!!

  2. It’s a book and travel store 😍

  3. Yay!!!! What is your new job? 💕

  4. In good to 😍😍😍happy with new job

  5. I’m so good how are you sweetie 🥰🥰

  6. Me to so much 😍😍how are you

  7. Love mister Mercury 💜

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