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Sep 21
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Happy Birthday sweet Freddie . I have some facts for the fans.

Born on African Island

Although Queen is always described as a British group, the singer was born in a former African country. Freddie Mercury was born on September 5, 1946 as Farrokh Bulsara… in Zanzibar. His parents are originally from India, but move to the East African island, which was then part of the Zanzibar Sultanate, before Farrokh was born. After the Ugandan communist revolutionary John Okello commits a coup in 1964, the Bulsara family flees to England.Dutch fan sees ‘first performance’ Queen

Dutch fan sees ‘first performance’ Queen

In 1969 the Dutch Von Daemen ends up in a pub in Liverpool and she sees a performance by Ibex, a band with Freddie Mercury as singer. In the new Queen book We Want More! She talks about this for Edger Hamer’s Queen En Vaderland III. “It was such a typical ordinary pub performance. There were about thirty-five men inside.” Mercury nevertheless left a deep impression. Especially his eyes. “It was the first time in my life that I saw someone of foreign descent and then also a man with mascara on. It looked as if he had smeared charcoal around his eyes.” At the end of the performance, two more musicians appear on stage. “They were billed as Brian and Roger.” Years later she realizes that three quarters of Queen was on that podium and she will remain a fan forever. “It is seen as their very first performance together.”

His teeth’s

There are many things about Freddie Mercury that were exceptional, including his teeth. Anyone who has ever paid close attention to his trademark radiant smile may have noticed that his teeth are set slightly forward. This is because he had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth, probably due to a hereditary condition. Mercury felt a bit insecure because of his unusual teeth, but didn’t want to have his teeth done. He thought it would change the sound of his voice if he had the extra teeth remove

Not everyone was a fan of the mustache

If there’s one thing people think of when they hear the name Freddie Mercury, it’s that characteristic full moustache. Until the 1980 album The Game, he had a bare upper lip. On the record cover of the Flash Gordon soundtrack, from the same year, he suddenly has unmistakable facial hair. The singer is said to have adopted the look from the San Francisco gay scene, where this type of mustache is known as the ‘Castro clone’. Now we don’t know any better, but Queen fans will have to get used to it in 1980. At the time, it was reported that concertgoers were throwing razor blades at the stage. The singer’s reaction? “A lot of people hate it, but I really don’t give a shit.”

Singer Kayak got stage tips from Freddie
In 1974,

the Dutch band Kayak was the support act for Queen in the Congress Building in The Hague. Singer Max Werner gets free advice from Freddie Mercury, as can be read in the third Queen book by Edger Hamer. „I have a microphone stand in my hand; you also have to find something so that you are more confident on stage,” Mercury is said to have told Werner. “You have to stand in front of the band more so that the audience can see you well.”

The love of his life was a woman

“I don’t have time for hobbies, but I do have a lot of sex,” Mercury teases when a journalist asks him how he spends his free time. Irish hairdresser Jim Hutton has been the singer’s partner for the last six years of his life, although Mary Austin remains his great love. Austin has a relationship with the Queen frontman in the early 1970s, but it is broken after Mercury confesses to having an affair with record boss David Minns. Yet Austin remains in his life: as a best friend, personal assistant and confidant. After his death, Mercury bequeaths his house and all royalties from his songs to her.

William Rutten takes last photo of Freddie in the Netherlands

Pop photographer William Rutten takes the last photo of Freddie Mercury on Dutch soil on June 20, 1986. “After the concert on June 19, there was a meet-and-greet where I was present,” Rutte tells We Want More! For Queen And Homeland III. Unfortunately, his hero did not show up, but Rutten saw him sitting in his dressing room a little later. He knocked on his door and asked for an autograph. The singer said he should come to his hotel the next day. That’s what Ruth did. After a long wait, the Queen singer finally arrived. “He recognized me immediately. He signed my concert photo and we had our picture taken with him.” While Mercury walked out, Rutten quickly put a new roll in his camera. “I took a few more pictures there. That was the last time I saw Freddie Mercury.”

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