26 May 1992 – “Live At Wembley” double album released in the UK. .

The amazing album was recorded live on Saturday 12, July 1986 during the ‘Magic Tour’ at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The album was released on 26 May 1992, with a companion DVD released in June 2003.

One year after their show-stealing Live Aid performance at Wembley, Queen returned to the venue to perform two sold-out shows to 150,000 fans in only two nights (July 11-12, 1986). The band broke all previous attendance records during their ‘Magic’ Tour.

An even bigger stage was specially designed for the two Wembley Stadium shows. But the crew hit some roadblock upon discovering the architect’s plans for the stadium were wrong (they were four feet out). The stage had to be redesigned, and it was finally finished just before soundcheck was due to start.

“The Wembley concerts in 1986 were the pinnacle for us,” said Brian May. “We were at our height band-wise, and Freddie had developed this phenomenal way of dealing with stadium audiences. Being back home in London playing two sell-out nights was such a big, big occasion for us. None of us realized that this would be almost the last time we played together.”

In fact, ‘Magic’ would sadly be the bands final tour with the legendary Freddie Mercury. The two Wembley concerts stand as a fitting testament to one of rock’s greatest frontman at the height of his powers.

“You know something? There’s been a lot of rumours lately, about a certain band called Queen. The rumours are that we’re going to split up, what do you think?
They’re talking from here! My apologies, but I say what I want. You can forget those rumours, we’re going to stay together until we f***ing will die, I’m sure of it! Also, I suppose we’re not, we’re not bad for four aging Queens, are we, really, what do you think?”

Freddie Mercury 💛👑

The iconic picture was taken by Neal Preston

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How did you come to like Freddie Mercury so much? My husband loves Queen.


That’s a long story 😊 2 years ago my health was not so good . And I was going with my friend to bohemian Rhapsody . Lol was no fan at that time . But after the movie .it’s goes so fast lol . I had never heart so beautiful voice like him 😍😍😍. So he come in my life when I need it I think


Awh that’s nice. Yes he does have a great voice. I hope your health is better now. 🥰


Yes it is 😍my health is beter now . Thank you 😊😊😊


It is my health is good now 🥰🥰🥰

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