“Writing a song with Freddie, a certain conversation would get triggered because we were trying to channel our feelings. A good example is, “It’s a Hard Life.” To my mind this is one of the most beautiful songs that Freddie ever wrote. It’s straight from the heart. The track to me was very significant because it was Freddie trying to put his feelings quite directly into a song, which is unusual. You look at ‘My Fairy King’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ or ‘March of the Black Queen,’ it’s all quite oblique. It’s not a direct conversation, but Hard Life is, and it looks like quite a light song, but actually there is a lot of pain.

I sat with him for hours and hours and hours just trying to pull it away and get the most out of it. We were both in a lot of pain at the time. We were both dealing with relationship problems if you like, and we were writing this song in a way which united the feelings. Now, he had those feelings about a man. I had these feelings about a woman, but it was the same thing. It was the same story we were telling, so in that few moments I felt we communicated a lot about the pain we were dealing with. And to put it in a song is a good thing because it helps you, it liberates people who hear it and feel the song is about them, and it increases the understanding between people, I think.

It doesn’t matter where you are, how successful you might be. You might be surrounded by everything material, but you can still feel pain inside, and that’s kind of the way humans communicate, through their pain and their longings and their need to connect. It’s one of his loveliest songs.”

Brian May

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