4 June 1986 – ‘A Kind Of Magic’ (Roger Taylor) released in the USA 🇺🇸 This was the second single from Queen’s twelfth studio album, “A Kind of Magic.”

“We all have our own ideas of how a song should be, because I mean a song can be done in so many different ways, depending on who is doing it. But sometimes I just feel that it’s not right and like in the case of Roger’s track, which is Magic, I mean, he did it in a totally different way, which is quite good, but I felt that it was another commercial streak, and I just realized that he was going away to LA, and I got hold of it.

I just changed the arrangement completely. And when he came back, I said, ‘What do you think?’, and he said ‘Oh, I like it!’. It was a completely different song, but you know, it’s something, sometimes you can see something else in other people’s songs, and… You know, I don’t mind them doing that to my songs as well, we all help each other in that way, but that takes a lot of time…”

Freddie Mercury 1986 Interview

“A Kind of Magic” was an enormous hit, reaching

3 on the UK singles charts in March of 1986, and hitting the #1 spot in no less than 35 other countries!

Photo credit to Neil MacKenzie Matthews

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