‘One Year of Love’ was released in Spain and France only on 4 June 1986 with ‘Gimme The Prize’ as the b-side.

This romantic, tasteful soul-ballad was written by John Deacon (in the key of D) for ‘Highlander’ it was included on Queen’s twelfth studio album, ‘A Kind of Magic’ which went immediately to the top upon its release.

This song was recorded in late 1985 at the Townhouse Studios, London. It´s one of the most untypical Queen-songs ever!

Roger only used a bass-drum, snare and closed Hi-Hat. The bass sound is very warm with lots of treble as well as bass-portion.

John invited a 10-15 head string-section to the Townhouse. Their arrangement is done by Lynton Naiff. With the exception of some fills, they´re actually only playing in the outro.

This heartfelt ballad has a rare saxophone appearance that heightens the song’s romantic message. The saxophone is played by session musician, Steve Gregory. He also performed on George Michael’s 1984 number one hit “Careless Whisper”.

The few backing-vocals are done exclusively by Freddie as well as the lead vocals. He recorded his voice on three tracks for this song.

Since John decided to substitute the guitar components with the saxophone, Brian May doesn’t appear on the song at all…

The picture is of Freddie and John working on ‘One Year of Love’ in the control room at Mountain Studios in Switzerland.

The clip from Highlander
👉 https://youtu.be/gEpTLX5A4NI 👈