14 June 1986, Queen performed @ Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris, France 🇫🇷 “Magic Tour”

Tonight, Freddie debuts his Majestic Robe and Crown

As in all the early ‘Magic tour shows,’ Freddie is in superb voice.

Brian, before ‘Love Of My Life’: “Thank you for coming. I know some of you have come a long way. We appreciate it.” Someone in the audience with a British accent says, “Fucking right there. Play ’39 or I’ll kill ya!”

For the first time on the tour, the band exit the breakdown of ‘A Kind Of Magic’ completely cleanly (on the video, Freddie and Brian are seen talking to ensure they do!), and Freddie is clearly thrilled about it. After the song, he asks, “Where is this? Is this Paris? I just forgot for one minute.”

Freddie forgot a line during the second verse of ‘Hello Mary Lou’ two nights ago in Leiden, and tonight at that point he quickly and cheerfully admits, “I don’t know the fucking words, and I don’t care!” Brian would sing the next couple lines of the song for the remainder of the tour, with Freddie happily queuing him in at the first few shows.

As a truly majestic gesture, at every show on the tour from here onward (minus the show in Ireland), Freddie comes out at the end of the show dressed up as the Queen of England, complete with the robe and crown!

Diana Moseley designed Freddie’s robe and crown at his personal request. She has been designing his costumes since the 1985 “I Was Born To Love You” video. They developed a lovely friendship.

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Hey there, are there any HQ pictures of Freddie Mercury from Queen’s Magic Tour gig from Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris, France on 14th June 1986 which are on GettyImages? The show also marks the first time that Freddie Mercury also wears his betty boop shirt as well IIRC.

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