10 May 1977, Queen performed @ Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪 ‘A Day At The Races Tour’

Freddie responds to the enthusiastic audience after ‘White Queen.’ “That’s wonderful! You’re terrific. Thank you very much. And that’s only the third song. OK, we’d like to carry on. It’s really nice to see you taking part in the show.” The ensuing version of ‘Somebody To Love’ is excellent, with Freddie in excellent voice. After the song, Brian says, “Thank you for making that a hit up here.”

Freddie and John Deacon both flub the intro to ‘The Millionaire Waltz,’ but they soon whiz their way through ‘Bring Back That Leroy Brown.’

“This is a very special song dedicated to all of you. It’s called ‘Death On Two Legs.’” A far cry from the vicious dedications he’d do by the autumn of 1978. “I do feel good,” he says after the song, mirroring the last lyric. The band are genuinely enjoying the show.

Freddie does his usual toast with the audience before Brighton Rock. “Cheers, Gothenburg. Skål!” But what he tastes isn’t to his liking. “What happened to the champagne? You’re fired.” Brian’s ensuing guitar solo is excellent. His solos are very creative during this period.

A killer version of ‘White Man’ is played at this show.

Brian likely isn’t feeling well tonight. He bows out of most of his vocal harmonies and even lets Freddie introduce ‘In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited,’ something he has done every night since 1974. The song returns to the set after being dropped for the Stockholm show, as does ‘Sweet Lady.’

Brian’s solo in ‘Liar’ is outstanding.

This is the last known instance of Queen performing ‘Big Spender’ on a regular basis (they’d revive it only a very few times after it was dropped from the set, like in Berlin ’78, Paris ’79, and London ’86). Here’s a quote from Freddie Mercury about the song and his theatrical side:

“Sneaking my cabaret influences into our act was done slowly. Could you imagine me doing ‘Big Spender’ when we first started as a rock band? They’d freak. Now we do more of a combination of rock ‘n’ roll and theatre, but obviously with a song like ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ we’re a rock band. The others in the band aren’t embarrassed when I’m outrageous onstage. Of course, a lot of my lyrics are tongue in cheek. I don’t like being serious, because I tend to get too serious and drive me – and everyone around me – crazy. The line ‘Bring out the charge of the love brigade; there’s spring in the air once again’ is funny. It’s so Julie Andrews.” 💛

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